Professional Team

Zhu Xiaodong
Senior Partner

Scope of Business
Economic criminal litigation , company law, real estate.
Main Background
The director of the office,Lawyer Zhu, is Senior Partner and Chinese communist party members. He graduated from East China University of Politics and Law and have master degree . At the present, Layer Zhu is being the legal adviser of Hongkou district people's government, member of the building and real estate law research committee of Shanghai layer's association, the director of the company law institute of East China University of Politics and Law , the legal adviser of Shanghai futures trade association. Lawyer Zhu engaged in research work about new types of crime on economic field for a long period of time.
Main Legal Practices
lawyer Zhu had been the defender of many major criminal cases' client, such as the secretary of the prison in Jiangsu province, the deputy governor of Shanghai branch of bank of China and the deputy director of Shanghai aircraft factories. About securities criminal , civil cases and l/c financial crime, Lawyer Zhu had agented Northern Securities, AiJian securities, Luoyang securities, HongYuan securities, Guotai Junan Securities.