Professional Team

Simon Yu

Scope of Business
Simon Yu has been primarily focusing on areas including the prevention and resolution of legal risks in commercial area;Corporate Compliance and Anti-fraud investigation for transnational corporations;criminal defense for major economic crime cases.
Main Background
Partner, Ph.D of Fudan University, Visiting Scholar of Yale University , Membership of Shanghai Society of Criminology.

Simon Yu has worked at Public Security Organs for seven years, he used to be a Chief Investigator, Intelligence Analyst of the Economic Crime Investigation Department of Shanghai Public Security Bureau. He has independently handled economic crime cases such as contract fraud, credit card fraud, illegally absorbing public savings, professional embezzlement, misappropriation of funds, commercial bribery etc. He has also participated in several major transnational economic crime cases which were under the direct jurisdiction of Ministry of Public Security of China. Accordingly, Simon has gained a profound understanding of investigation tactics and skills of commercial crimes. He has been awarded several individual honors by Shanghai Public Security Bureau during his serving period.

From 2013 to 2014,as the sole representative of the Legal Community of the Greater China, Simon Yu was selected to join the visiting program which was fully funded by Fox Foundation of Yale University, and severed as Visiting Fellow of McMillan Regional Research Center at Yale, the research subject was “Comparative Legal Study of Exit Mechanism of the Sino-US Private Equity Fund”. Besides, he has also published “Study of Risks within Duty Crimes under VIE Mode”,“Study of Exit Mechanism of German Private Equity Fund” and some other professional papers on national core law journals such as “Chinese Lawyer” and “Contemporary Finance & Economics” etc.

2016 June, Simon Yu was admitted by UK Bar Council, got enrolled in the Bar Council Training Scheme for Chinese lawyers. Where he accepted academic training in BPP law school of London, and practical training in 3 Raymond Buildings for several weeks, which is one of the oldest chambers in London. Simon Yu is the first criminal lawyer who got enrolled since this training scheme been set up 25 years ago.

Simon Yu is now living in Shanghai with his wife and two daughters.
Acting Major Cases
Misappropriation of Fund committed by one well-known Private Equity Fund Manager;

Illegal Operation of Business committed by one medical device company;

Contract Fraud with the amount over hundreds of million committed by one construction company;

News Extortion aimed at companies who’s planing to be listed committed by the 21 Century Website;

Illegally Absorbing Public Savings committed by one well-known P2P Internet loan company;

Misappropriation of Fund, Professional Embezzlement committed by a founder of one notable lighting brand;

Relying on profound understanding of criminal relationship and pragmatic defense style, Simon Yu has often managed to help clients to be released on bail pending trial. Besides, courts have adopted exculpatory defense opinion presented by Simon during the course of trial on many occasions.
Non-litigation Cases Represented
Representing U.S IDG Capital’s Compliance Investigation against one of its well-known investment project;

Representing German Nivea ( Shanghai ) co., Ltd’s internal compliance investigation against one of its senior manager;

Representing U.S Avon(China)co., Ltd’s internal investigation against its employee’s fraud;

Representing a leading German maritime facilities manufacturer’s legal audit project against its Chinese branch;

Crisis Management for one Austria food machinery manufacturer who was infringed by one phone fraud in China;

Crisis Management for Guangzhou Branch of China Railway Materials Company who was infringed by one contract fraud which caused 200 million loss.

Having dealt with various Corporate Compliance Projects, and combined with his unique background of working at Economic Crime Investigation Department for years, Simon Yu developed a set of standardized investigation method which proves to be very effective. Taking advantage of his extraordinary perceptiveness and outstanding capability of evident searching, he often manages to make breakthroughs when projects reach a deadlock by acquiring key evidence that directly determines the project’s success or failure.