Professional Team

Chen Yuxia
Scope of Business
The criminal defense, marriage and family law, company law
Main Background
Lawyer Chen, a senior lawyer, is the director of Shangqiu branch office. The practicing career began in the 80 s at the beginning of the lawyer system built, nearly 30 years of judicial practice has accumulated rich experience. Lawyer Chen has agented hundreds of civil cases, economic cases, and as the legal consultant give service to dozens of enterprise ; layer Chen is particularly good at criminal law, company law, contract, marriage and family law.
Main Legal Practices
In the early 80s , Lawyer Chen led the lawyer of Shangqiu City legal counsel office establishing a set of lawyer criminal defense rules when the criminal defense system is in the exploratory stage. In 1993 , lawyer Chen set up the first partnership law firm in Shangqiu city, in 1998 , she won "ten best defense experts" in Shangqiu city.