Business introduction

Legal service in Foreign investment

Everbright is one of the first law firms which able to provide legal services for foreign investor and ratified by the Chinese government. As the pioneer foreign law service, everbright accumulate a lot of projects' experiences. Project involves various industries and fields, customers in many countries and regions.

The main service content:

1. legal services before foreign investment
·the most effective trade structure
·Assessment of the legal risk of the investment project
·Company' due diligence investigation

2. the development and implementation of investment projects
·Drafting a Project feasibility study report and the application of the file
·Drafting, modifying and related negotiations about company' set up / M&A documents, (including the joint venture contract and articles) and technology license agreement
·offering advice for Government approval and registration and help deal with relevant legal procedures and procedures

3. subsequent legal services for investment project
·Compliance and supervision of enterprise daily management
·Various legal services for enterprise restructuring, dissolution and liquidation