Business introduction

Legal service in Real Estate

Everbright is one of the first law firms that set up real estate and construction department in china. With more than ten years experience in providing legal service for real estate development and construction. Everbright has been recognized by a number of huge domestic and foreign real estate enterprises, some of which enjoying high international reputation.

The main service content:
·Service for Real Estate project development and acquisition, land-use right biding, auction, confiscation and household-relocation.
·Services for drafting and reviewing Real Estate project loan contracts, construction contracts and providing legal opinion on the acceptance of works and account.
·Services for providing legal opinion on Real Estate project plan, sales and lease inside and outside borders.
·Services for Relative service for Estate management, including but not limited to legal service for property maintenance, property delivery and providing legal service for property-owner board.
·Services for RELTs and Real Estate funding.