Business introduction

Legal service in Maritime law

Maritime is one of the main international business in everbright law firm. Until now, it has provides legal service for a number of international enterprises, holding a team of lawyers who are proficient in law, international trade as well as foreign languages and having a very good reputation among law firms in Shanghai.
With all the collected an classified resources and advantages, relying on its good relationship with Maritime Court, quarantine offices, harbor bureaus, associations, Everbright provides legal service for both domestic and international clients, including litigation and arbitration about maritime law, legal service for interflow of commerce and non-litigation service in international trade and commerce.

The main service content:
·Shipbuilding, ship trade, mortgage, priority and lien
·Shipping agency, damage, lease and insurance
·B/L dispute and nautical casualty
·Highway carrier, railway carrier and air carrier and multi-transportation carrier
·Interflow of commerce, goods dispatching and logistic administration
·Import, export and sale-and-purchase agreements
·Goods exchanging, compensation trade and contract disputes
·International service trade and contract disputes
·International license trade, compensation trade and contract disputes
·Various litigation and arbitration
·Various Due Diligence and consultation