Business introduction

Legal service in Criminal cases

Economic criminal defence is one major business of everbright.
In more than 10 years, everbright has aced in L/C fraud cases, the first L/C fraud amount to hundreds of millions CNY in Beijing and Shanghai, negotiable notes fraud cases, security dealers' illegal loan and illegal deposit absorption cases, officials and state-held enterprises' high managers bribery cases and corporation criminal cases. Through those experience, everbright has built up its own defend plan including case analysis, investigation, trial defend and legal theories support.
Everbright has a team of trial lawyers who have successfully defended their clients and their professional performance based on legal theories and trial experience would provide very good service to the clients.

The main service content:
·Investigation phase provide the parties concerned with legal help
·Examine Sue level for criminal suspects defense
·The trial stage (first and second) for the defendant defense
·The death penalty review stage for the defendant defense
·Represent appeal case
·In the case of public prosecution and reports, the crime accused in the agency, incidental civil action of the parties as an agent ad litem.
·Accept state organs, enterprises and institutions, societies of the legal person employed, the duty crime prevention, practice and training executives criminal risk