·It was the only law firm recommended overseas in the large popularized documentary made by Chinese government in 1990s.
·In 1995, Everbright hold the first Shanghai Real Estate Law Seminar and insisted it for over 8 years.
·In 1999, it initiate a lawyer on behalf of your purchase legal services, and create the domestic purchase lawyer full agency services precedent. It has been interested by the domestic media including China central television and Shanghai each big media .
·In 2000, for Everbright's brand name, it insisted a practice of returning fees if the clients made complaint about its service.
·In 2001, Everbright become the first law firm in Shanghai which attended the program called <Legal Report> produced by CCTV.
·In 2002, it won a case about "virtual floor" in real estate field. This case complemented defect in real estate law, and was accepted and filed as a judicial interpretation.
·In 2003, it began to build a maritime lawyer team.
·In 2005, it became the first law firm which structured as a joint stock cooperative firm and established a Board of Shareholders constituted by administrators.
·In 2006, it cooperate with Bei Hong High School to establish a juvenile legal education basement. in 2006, it begin to cooperation with Israel Balter, Guth, Aloni&co. Law firms and Herzelia Capital Co., LTD, and began to offer legal service for investment in China for Jewish merchants.
·In 2007, it cooperated with East China University of political science and law to build up a company law research institution. For Exploring individualized the articles of association and protecting the interests of shareholders.
·In 2008, commercial real estate business scale growth, from a real estate professional law firm gradually shift to commercial real estate professional law firm
·In 2009,Office for the restructuring of partnership firm.
·In 2010, Shangqiu branch office was opened, it was the first branch of a foreign law firm setting up in Shangqiu. It was also the first Shanghai' the first law firm branch setting up in Henan.