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Obtained the master degree of law from Shanghai Jiaotong University, and did tour studies in Cambridge University in the UK and Delft University in the Holland. He has the national real estate broker associate qualification and the qualification in the securities industry. He is now a partner of Shanghai Everbright Law Firm. Before practicing law in Everbright, Mr. Pan worked in an enterprise of Shanghai Real Estate Group and then worked in several large law firms. He has unique view on the modern enterprise operation and management. In the course of practice, he actively explored the combination of legal services and enterprise management, and has a good psychological quality, solid theoretical foundation and good practical operation ability. He is now a mediator of Shanghai Banking Dispute Mediation Center, convener of the Legal Industry of Shanghai Taizhou Chamber of Commerce, member of the Financial Instruments Business Committee of Shanghai Lawyers Association, and was a member of the Information Network And High-Tech Business Research Committee of Shanghai Lawyers Association, and member of the Internet Business Research Committee of Shanghai Lawyers Association. Mr. Pan is a guest of many radio and TV programs, and his views on many hot issues and people's livelihood have been paid close attention to and interviewed by the Shanghai Legal Daily and xinmin.cn. He was appraised as an excellent young lawyer of Jing’an District of Shanghai in 2012. On a long-term basis, Mr. Pan provides special legal services for famous listed companies in Shanghai, such as Yuyuan Shopping Center, Chlor-Alkali Chemical, Fudan Zhangjiang, and Tellgen Life, and taught basis of law and prepare teaching materials for employees of banking financial institutions such as Bank of Jiangsu, Bank of Suzhou, and rural commercial banks in Anhui and Shanxi, etc. He provides legal services in many areas, and is particularly good at the practical work concerning crimes in daily management of enterprises and financial areas, enterprise debts, private placement of small and medium-sized enterprises, real estate enterprises, and Internet financial enterprises, and has provided special legal service for the bond issuance, restructuring and list of a number of extra-large local enterprises in Zhejiang and Jiangsu. He worked for known real estate groups, colleges and universities and large real estate enterprises in handling group litigation and disputes on a long-term basis. Mr. Pan has rich experience in the fields of civil litigation, criminal defense and commercial real estate mergers and acquisitions and management.

Some of the projects served

  • Took charge of and complete the enterprise bond financing of 2.5 billion yuan for Taizhou Infrastructure Investment Group Co., Ltd.
  • Took charge of and complete the enterprise bond financing project of 1 billion yuan for Jiangyan City Development Investment Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Yuyuan Tourism Commercial City Co., Ltd. (a listed company)
  • Shanghai Chlor-Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd. (a listed company)
  • Global Port Commercial Center Co., Ltd. of Yuexing Group
  • Shanghai City Construction Materials Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Fudan-Zhangjiang Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (a listed company
  • Shanghai Tellgen Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (a listed company)
  • Shanghai Commercial City
  • Xuhui Real Estate

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