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The maritime business and affair department of Everbright has gathered a group of compound lawyers with good practical experience and excellent professional quality. Maritime business affairs has always been one of the main services of Everbright Law Firm. By integrating the resources and advantages on all aspects, and after years of accumulation, Everbright has formed a professional and scaled lawyer service team in the field of maritime business affairs, and has provided customers such as domestic and foreign ship owners, ship owners mutual insurance association, shipping companies, owners of goods, freight forwarding companies, insurance companies, insurance brokers, and port operator with high-quality, professional and efficient legal service, including all kinds of maritime business litigation, maritime arbitration and maritime affairs non-litigation legal services, winning good reputation in the industry, the courts and arbitration institutions.

Main service contents:

● Carriage of goods by sea, including bills of lading, charters, international shipping and logistics

● Transport of passengers by sea, coastal and inland waterway shipping, multimodal transport, freight forwarders, docks, storage yards and warehouses

● Handle maritime accidents, including collision of ships, compensation for personal injury, salvage at sea, general average, etc.

● Marine insurance, including ship insurance, carriage of goods by sea insurance, freight forwarders liability insurance, NVOCC liability insurance and ship construction insurance

● Ship repair, renovation and dismantling

● Ship arrest or maritime injunction

● Logistics and shipping policy consultation, and shipping finance

● Due diligence investigation and consultancy in maritime business affairs


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