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Liquidation & Reorganization


Everbright Law Firm has the qualification of bankruptcy administrator verified by Shanghai Higher People's Court. Everbright liquidation & reorganization team is formed by internationalized lawyers and advisers with legal, financial and operation professional background, including several having served in the four big accounting firms, international banks, consulting companies and shipping company for years, with the ability and rich experience to handle domestic and foreign bankruptcy liquidation cases, and also with good local interpersonal connections overseas, well recognized and trusted by customers.

Main service contents:

● Cross-border bankruptcy liquidation

● Domestic and overseas financial restructuring, operational restructuring, enterprise restructuring, ship management, and overseas enforcement

● Work as the administrator of bankrupt enterprise as designated by the people's court and take charge of work in debtor's bankruptcy liquidation, reorganization and reconciliation

● Act as legal adviser and provide special legal services for the administrator or the liquidation team as entrusted by the administrator or the liquidation team

● Protect the legitimate rights and interests of all parties in bankruptcy liquidation and other procedures as entrusted by creditors, shareholders and investors both at home and abroad

● Entrusted by the overseas bankruptcy administrator to apply to the people's court on his behalf for identity recognition as foreign bankruptcy administrator to take over the assets located in China

● Entrusted by domestic entities to participate in the bankruptcy proceedings abroad as a shareholder or creditor of an overseas enterprise, or as investor representative in the acquisition of overseas unhealthy enterprise

● Handle all kinds of litigation and arbitration related to dissolution and bankruptcy as entrusted by relevant parties

● Cooperate with international organizations, trade associations and academic groups to conduct research in the field of bankruptcy liquidation


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