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Marriage and Family Affairs


Families are the basic cells of the society, and the inheritance of happy marriage and families and family wealth is the top priority of modern families. We firmly believe that by placing marriage and family under the protection of law and letting lawyers help clients share the burden of family affairs with the law, we can make family life of our clients happier and protect their legitimate rights and interests. In order to better realize the purpose of family wealth protection and inheritance, we integrate different wealth management and service agencies with the help of a single or multiple wealth legal management tools according to the legal needs of target clients, to finally complete the service needs of clients for single or comprehensive wealth protection and inheritance.

Main service contents:

● Handle all types of disputes involving marriage,including drafting of prenuptial property agreements,marital property agreements, divorce agreements and other documents,as well as equities and property division disputes involving marriage and family

● Handle litigation and non-litigation cases involving inheritance,family property division,equity transfer of family business,corporate equity inheritance,corporate equity structure design and so on


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