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Cultural Media, Film, TV and Entertainment


The cultural industry legal services of Everbright have covered the major cultural industry categories such as cultural and creative industry fund, cultural and creative development, movies and TV series, copyright, online audio and video, advertising, sports, artwork auction, and creative parks. Our professional lawyer team has professional qualifications on patent, trademark and broker. Everbright, jointly with the East China University of Political Science and Law, has established the China Cultural Industry Legal Service and Research Center, for which a national level professional website has been registered. Everbright holds the cultural industry legal expert forum every year, devotes itself to the legalization process of the film and television industry, focuses on the investment and financing, legal consultants and rights and interests safeguarding in the film and television industry, and prepares to build the Shanghai cultural and creative industry mediation center. Everbright lawyers provide legal services for Kirin Pictures (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Baoying Film Co., Ltd., Orion Group (the sponsor of Busan Advertising Festival in China), Feiling Film and Television, Shanghai Zhejiang Qirun Film and Television Co., Ltd., etc.; served as the legal adviser for several story films such as Rookie and Icebreaker. In 2015, Everbright joined Shanghai Radio, Film and Television Production Industry Association and became an excellent member in 2018.


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