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Real Estate and Construction


Everbright is one of the earliest domestic law firms involved in the legal service field of urban real estate development, with an excellent team of real estate lawyers. Over the past 20 years and more, Everbright has accumulated profound experience in the fields of commercial real estate, industrial parks, high-end residential buildings and serviced apartments, etc., ranking among the top in the industry in terms of business volume and service quality of real estate lawyers for many years, and has formed a well-known brand in the professional field.

Main service contents:

● Provide legal services for the bidding, auction, first-level development, land acquisition and relocation of state-owned land use rights for real estate projects

● Provide legal services for real estate project investment and acquisition, project asset transfer, company equity transfer and transfer of project under construction

● Provide legal services for real estate project loan contracts, construction contracts, project acceptance and final accounting

● Provide legal services for commercial real estate (e.g. shopping centers, office buildings, service apartments, urban complexes, business to rent projects) and industrial parks in the whole process of project planning, project construction, project investment attraction, project delivery, project opening and project operation

● Provide whole-course legal services for residential real estate, long lease apartment land use right transfer, preliminary planning, construction/completion, pre-sale/sale, project delivery, property management, owner's committee preparation

● Provide legal services for real estate project investment and financing, real estate trust and private equity

● Provide legal services for real estate project cooperation and commercial development on rural collective construction land


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