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Anti-Fraud Investigation and Corporate Compliance


Fraudulent practices generally refers to the act of a single or more people in management department, governance department, employees or a third party deliberately obtaining unfair or illegal interests, and damaging the interests of the company through cheating, secret stealing and other ways. From the perspective of law, Everbright lawyer helps enterprises to prevent, investigate, deal with, report and remedy employee fraudulence practices, with the purpose to help enterprises to strengthen governance and internal control, reduce risks, and regulate the duty behaviors of the management and ordinary employees. Everbright's anti-fraud investigation and corporate compliance team has established long-term external cooperation mechanism with a number of internal control and anti-fraud institutions and forums, to provide customers with the most professional and forefront anti-fraud legal information and service, involving sectors of finance, shipping, automobile manufacturing, and Internet, covering a number of criminal offences such as duty encroachment, commercial bribery, infringement of copyright, and stealing trade secrets, including quite a few cases having a considerable influence in the industry.


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