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Criminal Defense


Everbright focuses on criminal legal risk prevention and resolving of business, private equity fund risk control, and internal compliance investigation of multinational companies, in the field of anti fraud investigation, it has established long-term external cooperation mechanism with a number of internal control and anti-fraud institutions, to provide customers the most professional, the forefront of anti-fraud legal information and service, involving a number of sectors such as finance, shipping, automobile manufacturing, medicine, chemical and Internet, covering duty encroachment, commercial bribery, copyright infringement and theft of trade secrets and other criminal offenses. Everbright has also successfully defended the parties involved in some major economic criminal cases in the first major economic criminal case involving letter of credit fraud of more than 100 million yuan in Beijing and Shanghai, financial bill fraud, illegal lending by securities institutions, illegally absorbing depositors' funds, suspected fund manager misappropriation of funds, and suspected illegal operation by legal representative of a medical apparatus company.

Main service contents:

● Provide legal assistance to parties concerned in the investigation phase

● Defend criminal suspect in the review and prosecution phase

● Defend the defendant in the trial phase (the first and second instance)

● Defend the defendant in the review of death sentence

● Act in case appealing

● Act as an agent for reporting and accusing crimes in cases of private prosecution or public prosecution, and act as an agent ad litem for parties involved in incidental civil litigation

● Conduct training on the prevention of job-related crimes and the prevention and control of criminal risks for senior executives at the invitation by state organs, enterprises and institutions, various organizations and legal persons


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