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Grade II lawyer, member of the 13th and 14th CPPCC of Hongkou District, member of the 14th Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang Shanghai Municipal Committee, deputy director of the Municipal Social Law Center, member of the 12th and 13th Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang Hongkou District Committee, director of the Committee of Participating in the Deliberation and Administration of State Affairs, deputy director of the Committee of Promoting the Participation in the Deliberation and Administration of State Affairs of the Municipal Lawyers Association, and member of the Cultural Media Business Committee. External master tutor of East China University of Political Science and Law and Shanghai Institute of Political Science and Law. Graduated from East China University of Political Science and Law with bachelor's degree of law, and also obtained the master degree of law of Tongji University, with the qualifications of state Grade II psychological consultant and assistant antique appraiser, started practicing in July 2001. He is conscientious in handling cases, rigorous in style, thoughtful and insightful, good at court debate. He was the runner-up in the “Shangzheng Cup” Shanghai judicial administrative system debate competition and the excellent debater in the final, the best debater of Hongkou District lawyers and prosecutors debate competition, among the second “top ten” young lawyers of Hongkou District, the top ten members of the 13th Hongkou District CPPCC, and the excellent member of the 14th Hongkou District CPPCC, and got the nomination award for the sixth outstanding young lawyers of Shanghai.

Some of the projects served

  • The copyright infringement case on the script Golden Voice Zhou Xuan
  • Shanghai and Hong Kong Yexue Street Sino-foreign cooperative operation contract dispute case
  • Shanghai World Trade Tower real estate sales contract dispute case
  • Dispute case of processing contract between Shanghai East China Garment Group Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Yuzhan Trade Co., Ltd.
  • Software copyright dispute case of Shanghai Sihui Software Technology Development Co., Ltd. with Boster Company and Exxon Mobil Corp.

List of served customers

  • Bristol-Myers Squibb (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
  • EMIS (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd
  • Shanghai Julikang Investment Co., Ltd.
  • Bennington (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Observer Information Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Shiergong Culture Communication Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Wang Xiaohui Art Center
  • Shanghai Fumin Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Shencheng Environmental Protection Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Sihui Software Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Contact Me

If you have any legal problems to consult, or other business cooperation, please leave me a message, thank you!

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