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Mr. Ding is a master of law of East China University of Political Science and Law, with extensive knowledge in handling corporate crisis, healthcare, anti-unfair competition in FMCG, advertising law, and criminal economic crime defense. He has rich practical experience in various problems encountered in the daily operation of pharmaceutical enterprises, and combined with relevant cases and professional knowledge of anti-unfair competition law, he is able to optimize the company rules and regulations, labor contracts and distribution contracts of the served entities. In addition, he made careful analysis of evidences, enabling withdrawal of penalties on enterprise at government hearings at a number of occasions, successfully dissolving crisis of enterprises. Mr. Ding has defended a number of cases involving duty-related crimes. With years of rich experience on criminal cases, and careful analysis of files and evidences, he protected lawful rights and interests of clients, and won the reduced penalties for clients such as not being prosecuted, exemption from criminal penalties and suspended sentence execution.

Some of the projects served

  • Participated in hearing for a number of well-known pharmaceutical enterprises, successfully helped them exempt from being listed on bad records of commercial bribery in the field of pharmaceutical purchase and sales.
  • In complaints and reports from full-time counterfeit fighters against famous leading enterprises in the FMCG industry, he successfully helped the enterprises in cancelling the case or avoiding penalty by the Industrial and Commercial Administration (Market Supervision Bureau) in product quality and advertisement complaints.
  • Participated in advertisement investigation by the Market Supervision Bureau of Putuo District, and successfully had the case against a known listed pharmaceutical enterprise designated by Shanghai Advertisement Division cancelled.
  • Participated in the product quality investigation by Pudong Market Supervision Bureau, and successfully helped reducing the penalty on a known food enterprise not qualified in the sample inspection by the State Food and Drug Administration and hiding all sensitive information in the formula.
  • Helped the persons concerned in a smuggling case involving with goods worth over 4 million yuan suspended from the sentence; and the persons concerned in a smuggling case involving with goods worth over 400,000 yuan suspended from the sentence.
  • Helped the persons concerned not being prosecuted in drunk driving and some minor criminal cases caused by neighborhood disputes.
  • Participated in an extra-serious fraud case cracked down by Changning police after 10 years of pursuit, made criminal incidental civil claim on behalf of the victim, and accepted interview by Case Focus.

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