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Working Language:Chinese

Graduated from Southwest University of Political Science and Law, has long provided services for large cultural communication companies and Internet enterprises, familiar with internal structures of enterprises, corporate governance and internal and external relations. Especially good at dealing with corporate legal affairs, with rich experience in practice and litigation in enterprise labor disputes, contract disputes and other fields of practice. Most of his customers are enterprises and entrepreneurs. Legal services provided mainly include: drafting dispute settlement plans, providing litigation services, business negotiations, legal framework design for transactions, and providing advice to clients.

Some of the projects served

  • Labor dispute cases of listed companies
  • Group house sales contract dispute cases
  • Investment and financing cases of newly-established enterprises
  • Case of enterprise equity incentivesv
  • List of served customers

List of served customers

  • Greenland Group
  • Ningbo GQY
  • Hongmeng Shanghai

Contact Me

If you have any legal problems to consult, or other business cooperation, please leave me a message, thank you!

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