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Ten years of army service, working in public security for more than ten years before practicing law, long served in an economic crime investigation detachment of the public security as an investigator, participating in a number of influential major and extra-big economic crimes, and handled many types of economic crimes such as contract fraud, illegal operations, illegal collection of public deposits, duty encroachment, commodities of counterfeit registered trademark, and credit card fraud, having accumulated rich experience. At the same time, she formed a keen insight into the criminal risks in the business field. In 2009, she wrote several analytical intelligence articles from the perspectives of online trading platform fund raising, commercial bribery in the hotel industry, catering and duty encroachment in retail sector, etc. for analysis and pre-warning, and to warn relevant enterprises about risks. In practice, she is good at implementing the concept of criminal risk control into the service for the customers, helping customers to find fraudulent behaviors through compliance investigation, and investigating relevant personnel for responsibility or recovering economic losses through criminal charges and other legal services.

Some of the projects served

  • Shanghai Detian Information Technology Co., Ltd., the case of falsely issuing special VAT invoice
  • China-Holland Carpet (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., second instance for the case of smuggling ordinary goods
  • A network science and technology company in Shanghai, compliance investigation and criminal charging
  • Contract dispute of Chongqing ** Commercial Factoring Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou ** Computer System Co., Ltd.
  • Criminal charging for Shanghai ** Enterprise Management Consultancy Co., Ltd.
  • The case of Cheng smuggling wastes
  • The fraud case of He
  • The case of falsely issuing invoices of Zhou
  • The case of Zhang illegally absorbing public deposit
  • The case of He setting up casino

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